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Welcome Back Fabiola! | Meet our providers

After a longer sabbatical, we are THRILLED to have therapist Fabiola Jamieson back. … Read More

Who decided they should be called “Fallopian Tubes” and other fun word origins

Don’t you ever wonder who came up with the words for the various parts of our bodies … Read More

The Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression | 4 Ways to Tell the Difference

Founder and Executive Director of The Healing Group, Kristin Hodson, joined Studio … Read More

It’s Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month!

May is here and The Healing Group is rolling out the red carpet for Maternal Mental … Read More

Listen To Your Mother |Giving Motherhood A Microphone

We are so lucky to be able to be a main sponsor for Listen To Your Mother for our … Read More

5 Ways You Can Support A New Mom Right Now

By: Alisha Worthington We like to think of our western culture as “advanced” and … Read More

Motherhood | How Hard Can It Be?

By: Alisha Worthington, BSW Maternal Mental Health Month is quickly … Read More

Only If You Earn It | Essays on Motherhood

  By: Alisha Worthington “Mom? Why do your boobs look like that?” … Read More

Living With Daily Joy | Studio 5

    Today on Studio 5 at 1:00, Kristin will be talking about "Living … Read More

Motherhood Matters | October Fast Facts

October Fast Facts Ah, nutrition. That ugly word we mamas wish we didn't need to … Read More