Claim Your Courage! Brene’ Brown Shame Resilience Course

 “When we start engaging with the world from a place of worthiness, the opposite of shame, from a place of “I am enough”, we walk into our power, we walk into our gifts, we walk into possibility, we walk into love and belonging, not only the ability to give it but to receive it, to let ourselves be seen and known and I think that’s what it’s all about.” 

Brené Brown


Our  popular shame resilience group is back!  In this course led by therapist.  We invite you to claim your courage by shedding shameful thoughts, actions and feeling that disrupt your ability to live authentically, feel connected to others by letting go of fear, blame and perfection.  This group will be a combination of learning skills and talking about our different experiences with shame in our lives.

Using Brene’ Brown’s Connections Curriculum, we will:

  • Define shame
  • Practice empathy for yourself and others
  • Explore triggers and vulnerabilities
  • Practice critical awareness
  • How to reach out to others
  • How to create, embrace and inspire change.

Starts : July 10th and and meets every Thursday through September 4th.

Time: 7:00-8:45pm

Led by: Erin Gibson

Cost: $300 for 8 groups – prepaid.  Payment plan available ($75 every 2 weeks – card is charged automatically)

Registration: [email protected] or call 801-305-3171, speak to our Client Coordinator, Duff or submit an online request

Limited to 10 participants – Preregistration required 

while it feels like shame hides in our darkest corners, it actually tends to lurk in all of the familiar places, including appearance and body image, motherhood, family, parenting, money and work, mental and physical health,addiction, sex, aging and religion,”  – Brene’ Brown.