Hey Mom!

Hey Mom!

Hey Mom, we’re glad you’re here! The Healing Group launched the “Hey Mom” campaign in the spring 2012 to educate, support and connect women around postpartum depression and related disorders. Our message to moms everywhere: We’re all in this together.

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Hey Mom!

Hey Mom!

How to Spot a Woman With Postpartum Depression

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5 Fast Facts


Who decided they should be called “Fallopian Tubes” and other fun word origins

Don’t you ever wonder who came up with the words for the various parts of our bodies and why those? Being a word geek myself, I thought I’d do a little research in celebration of Maternal Mental Health Awareness month and here is what I discovered: Placenta is a Latin word for cake. In fact […]

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One Mom’s Story


Jennifer Garner Helped Us All Feel Better About Our Baby Bumps

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 Celebrity Moms Speak

“Sometimes I’ll be telling my husband, ‘I think I’m cracking up.’ Sometimes you need just a minute to say ‘I think I’m cracking’ and acknowledge it.” – Tina Fey 

Photo credit: Alexi Lumborski

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Hey Mom, perhaps you’ve experienced a depression or anxiety during your pregnancy/the first year postpartum or post-adoption? If you have a personal story you’d like to share with the Hey Mom community, we’d love to hear from you. Click here for our guidelines and to submit your story.