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Disconnect From Media to REconnect With Your Spouse

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Are We Normal?

Alisha Worthington, Sex and Intimacy Coach and co-Author of Real Intimacy: A Couple's … Read More


Sexual Health Workshop: Anatomy of Arousal

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Couples Intimacy Workshops Coming | Discount for Early Birds!

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Willingness and Commitment | Keys to a Relationship

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How An Eroding Marriage is a Good Thing!

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Who Needs Couples Therapy?

By: Zoe Lewis, CSW Those of us who grew up with siblings probably share a general … Read More

Lunch N' Learn

Professional Lunch N’ Learn 2013-2014 CEU Series – 2 weeks away!

The Healing Group is excited to announce our third annual 2013-2014 Lunch N' Learn … Read More


Women, Sexuality and Religion: Episode #24 on the Loveumentary Podcast

Oh our time with Nate from the Loveumentary podcast.  The long and the short of … Read More


7 Habits of Sexually Satisfied Couples

Talk, talk and talk some more I cannot emphasize this enough.  I cannot tell you how … Read More