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Sex Coach Tip of The Month: To Lube or Not to Lube?

At some point most of us will experience the frustration/irritation of being aroused, … Read More

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Alisha’s Sex Coach Tip of the Month

Touch is an art to be cultivated. Like anything else it is a skill to be learned and … Read More

sex coach

Sex Coaching Tip of the Month – Increase Your Sexual Knowledge

School is starting and kids are gearing up for a year of work and that which comes as … Read More


Sexual Health Workshop: Anatomy of Arousal

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between arousal and desire and how it … Read More


YES! You Can Talk With Your Kids About Sex.

Calling all parents of children, children of parents, moms, dads, women, men, … Read More


Women, Sexuality and Religion: Episode #24 on the Loveumentary Podcast

Oh our time with Nate from the Loveumentary podcast.  The long and the short of … Read More


7 Habits of Sexually Satisfied Couples

Talk, talk and talk some more I cannot emphasize this enough.  I cannot tell you how … Read More


The (mormon) sex girls explain it all…in The City Weekly!

  Kristin and Alisha recently had the opportunity to sit down with Rachel … Read More

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How To Tell Your Man You Are Not in the Mood

We've had a lot of fun as of late being able to be guest bloggers on various blogs. … Read More

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Anatomy of an Orgasm | Happy Hour at On The Edge of the Bed

Ok. So science tells us an orgasm is the most pleasurable sensation we as humans can … Read More