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Domestic Violence and Pregnancy | Resources

Many have viewed or read about the disturbing video of a well-know NFL player hitting … Read More

Meet Our Intern at our Reduced Cost Counseling Clinic!

  Amanda Gonzalez is from The University of Utah and is in her second … Read More

How POSTpartum Depression Could Also Be Called PREpartum Depression

Each year almost one million women, in the U.S. alone, experience postpartum … Read More

We Are All Pioneers

Every year at this time I have “pioneers” on the brain. Utah was founded by a group … Read More

Live the Life You Love: Social Connection and Self Care Summer Series

  We are excited to announce our newest summer group: Live the Life You … Read More

Postpartum Support Group FAQ’s

You have questions, we have answers!  As our group has continued to grow, we have … Read More

Play is Art

One of my favorite things in the whole world is to lay in bed in the morning and … Read More

Sex Coach Tip of the Month

Music has a powerful effect on our moods. In fact, studies show definite behavioral … Read More

Why You Should Take Pictures of Your Postpartum Body

All images from the Fourth Trimester Bodies Project A few weeks ago I was talking … Read More

How to Spot a Woman With Postpartum Depression

With May being Maternal Mental Health Awareness month, it’s important to be more … Read More