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On The Edge of the Bed | New HALF Day Option and Schedule


The (mormon) sex girls explain it all…in The City Weekly!

  Kristin and Alisha recently had the opportunity to sit down with Rachel … Read More

How To Tell Your Man You Are Not in the Mood

We've had a lot of fun as of late being able to be guest bloggers on various blogs. … Read More

Anatomy of an Orgasm | Happy Hour at On The Edge of the Bed

Ok. So science tells us an orgasm is the most pleasurable sensation we as humans can … Read More

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex and Intimacy!

I had the great fortune of connecting from Meg from Meg In Progress a few months back … Read More

On The Edge of The Bed | Happy Hour Drink List!

On The Edge of the Bed: A Tastefully SEXY Workshop For Women is only a couple of … Read More

x96 Radio From Hell caller questions follow-up

First off, a big thank you to all of the great calls we received on x96 Radio From … Read More

We’re Bringing Sexy Back

Hey Ladies, just another reason to attend our workshop in May.  We thought we'd leave … Read More

The “Sex Girls” on x96 Radio From Hell

Good morning! Kristin and Alisha will be taking YOUR calls on sex and intimacy this … Read More

Are you ready for the Sex Girls?

Kristin and Alisha spent another lovely morning with the dynamic Radio From Hell … Read More