Monica Ashton, LCSW


Director of Maternal Mental Health / Psychotherapist

As one of Utah’s leading experts in Perinatal and Reproductive Mental Health, I am passionate about helping you navigate your fertility, reproductive, pregnancy and postpartum challenges in order for you to discover and become your best self.  Individuals and couples struggling with infertility, pregnancy, reproductive loss, reproductive challenges, postpartum depression/anxiety, and sexual challenges often feel alone and isolated in their struggles because of the lack of community awareness, understanding and support.  I’ve been there, and know how these life transitions and struggles are some of the most complex, heartbreaking and difficult experiences individuals and couples can face. I am here to support you through those transitions and to help you with specific empirically based tools to return to your best self.

I have both personal experience and professional expertise in my areas of specialization. I have trained with some of the best clinicians and programs in this field and I passionately pursue continuous education and growth.  If you are looking for someone who “gets it,” who can empathize with your struggle and honor your unique journey, who has an expertise in your challenges, who knows and understands the therapeutic tools for restoring wellness, and who is passionate about her work and her clients, you have come to the right place.

When working with me, you can anticipate that we will take the time necessary to understand what you are experiencing, discuss a plan for support, and identify specific tools to reduce distress and support wellness.  We will work together to help you meet your goals and to feel more like yourself again.

Areas of Expertise:

Perinatal mood or anxiety disorders, infertility, grief and loss, alternative family building, 3rd party reproduction, sexual challenges within the reproductive years, sex therapy, reproductive trauma, general anxiety, and life transitions.

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