Most people don’t learn much about sex growing up. They might get an uncomfortable class about hormones, body hair, and STIs in high school. Then, they grow into adults and for some reason things don’t work the way they show in the movies.

Trust us… you’re not the only one with questions.

Maybe you feel like the sexual chemistry with your partner completely fizzled out after a baby.

Maybe you or your partner is struggling with pornography, and you need someone to talk to.

Maybe your libido has taken a nosedive, and you’re just not interested in sex anymore.

Maybe your body isn’t working the way you think it should during sexual encounters.

Maybe you were never taught much about anatomy, gender, or desire and you have some questions that you just want answered in safe place.

Maybe you just want to know the answer to the question we get asked nearly every day, “Am I normal?”

Whatever your sexual struggles may be, our therapists have decades of experience working with couples and individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life in a wide range of circumstances.

Our goal is to help you get to a place where you’re happy, comfortable and confident in your sex life.

We are an inclusive, affirming, sex positive clinic with YOU at the center of our mission.