Janet Vivian, LCSW

Sometimes the thought of making a change and jumping into the unknown feels frightening enough that we choose to stay in the disappointment and sadness of what’s familiar.  But life can be more than mere coping and you don’t have to take that brave leap alone. I’m here to help guide you through that process and celebrate each victory with you along the way.

 I help individuals and couples break out of unhelpful patterns preventing them from having the lives and relationships they want.  I have a strengths-based approach to therapy that is influenced by attachment and psychodynamic theory.  Essentially, I think that the experiences and relationships we’ve had throughout our lives have a huge impact on the way we view ourselves in the world and in our relationships with others.  Your unique life experiences have given you wisdom and strength, and together we can explore how to tap into these resources so they can help you improve your life.  Many of the clients I work with want to improve the intimacy, connection and sex they have with their partner.  I also work with clients who seek relief from feeling off-balanced and trapped in relationships made of euphoric highs and heartbreaking lows.  I help clients improve how they communicate with the people in their lives and learn how to set healthy boundaries to protect themselves so they can develop happier, healthier relationships.

I love being a therapist and feel honored to be a part of my clients’ search for happiness, peace and meaning in their lives.  I’m confident I can help you in your journey towards healing and can provide you a safe and non-judgmental environment in which to do that rewarding work.  Let’s work together to help move you towards the life you’ve envisioned for yourself, with the love, happiness, and support you’ve always wanted.  I hope to meet with you so we can see if I’m the right person to help you on your journey.


I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have been working as a therapist for 5 years. I have experience working with clients who are struggling with addiction, grief and loss, PTSD, as well as relationship issues regarding sex/intimacy, trauma, abuse and codependency.  I have a strengths-based and trauma-informed approach to therapy and use a variety of different evidenced-based therapeutic models to help meet each client’s unique needs. 


·      LGBTQ-Affirmative Therapists Guild

·      Trauma Informed Care Network

·      The Association of Women in Psychology, Utah Chapter

 Education & Training:

 University of Utah

·      Masters of Social Work; Clinical emphasis

·      Bachelor of Science in Psychology

·      Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Women & Gender Studies emphasis

·      UCASA Rape Crisis Advocacy Training

·      Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for PTSD

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