Elisa Pierce, CSW


Trauma can form from every part of life, for every type of person.  There’s no statute of limitations, no expiration date.  The pain can even lay dormant for years before another life event shuffles and sifts old wounds back into view.  And despite our internal strength, resolve, or desire, we’re never prepared for it, nor adequately equipped to face, understand, resolve, or most importantly, survive it. 

Above all else, I am an advocate for the traumatized, regardless of person, social stigma, cause, or required resolution.  It is my responsibility and purpose to stand next to that person and to help them find and accept the survivor inside.  Whether the trauma forms from traditionally expected sources (grief, abuse, infertility, infant loss) or less tacit origins (pregnancy, human trafficking, postpartum depression, birth), everyone needs a listener, supporter, and safe place.  Everyone needs a helper.

My responsibility is to be that helper to women of all backgrounds.  To create a safe place for their stories to be told, and endings reshaped.  Because trauma and pain shouldn’t be the end.  They are the beginning to greater things and a more powerful you. 

I have a strong compassion for a woman’s needs and recognize that they often struggle to get the necessary support through primary care, including a lack of identifying and recognizing the severity of what she is facing. Yet, through education and advocacy I work to remove barriers, and instead find solutions. My focus is on reproductive rights, grief and loss, infertility, sexual abuse, and trauma. I have compassion towards trauma survivors, as I consider myself a survivor. I consider it a privilege to support other women on their journey through growth and healing.

I completed my Masters of Social Work at the University of Utah. I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah in Accounting Information Systems and have been working for the last 16 years as a non-profit accountant which is where I developed a passion for advocacy. I have spent time volunteering at The Christmas Box House and working as a grief group coordinator at The Sharing Place. I currently serve on board of the National Association of Social Workers.

Professional Experiences

  • Masters of Social Work – University of Utah

  • Certified Social Worker

  • National Association of Social Workers – Board Member

  • Women’s Health Certificate – University of Utah

  • Elise Kasteler Hutchings Award for Leadership in the National Association of Social Workers

  • University of Utah, MSW, Health Concentration

  • Former Volunteer – Christmas Box House

  • Former Greif Group Coordinator – The Sharing Place

  • Establishment of first Spanish Speaking Grief Group – The Sharing Place

  • Postpartum Support International 2018

Professional Memberships

  • National Association of Social Workers - Member

  • Phi Kappa Phi – Honor Society

  • Postpartum Support International - Member

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