Faith Kershisnik, LMFT


Marriage and Family Therapist

You’re searching the web looking for a therapist; really, you’re looking for hope.  You’re at a tipping point when the fears of not being enough, of being broken, or out of control, or losing yourself or your relationship are finally heavier than the fear of starting this process, of diving into the unknown, of maybe trying and finding that after all that time, effort, and money, you’re still stuck.

I’m so glad you’re here.  I know what that feels like as a client, and I know what it takes as a therapist to help you out of this spot.  I can help you access and live those dormant parts of yourself that need healthy and abundant expression in your life.  I want you to leave your journey with me feeling more present, hopeful, empowered, informed, creative, connected, and capable of healing. If you’re coming in for couples therapy, I want your relationship to feel like it’s made it through the storm and has an anchor that you can trust to get you through the next one, but this time without all the pain and heartache.  I want you and your partner to know each other on a level that allows for a profound sense of safety and trust and joy. Whatever battle brings you into my office, I want to help you find a deep, resilient happiness.


I am a systems therapist, trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, and therefore qualified to help you with some of your most difficult relational problems.  I like weaving together attachment theory, Buddhist psychology, Jungian analysis, and experiential and expressive interventions to bring you a therapy experience that’s attuned to your specific needs.  I love bringing my expertise into partnership with motivated adults who are ready for change, or just needing a safe space to work through their struggles.

Professional Experience

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Utah MFT Supervisor

  • Empowerment in Forgiveness—AAMCAP Presenter

  • Strengthening Marriages with Heart—presentation for couples

  • EFT Core Skills Training

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