Reva Cook, LCSW


Overwhelmed. Alone. Worried. Afraid. Exhausted. Confused. Guilty. Unsure of what to do next. It’s so hard to keep doing all you have to do every day. You hope that life can be better-  happier, calmer, more enjoyable- than this. But how?

Many of my wonderful clients come with these and similar concerns. From working with them, and from traveling my own wellness path, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by anxiety, depression, and by the difficulties of life. And I know how to help. When you come see me, you will find support, validation and some hope. Together we will create a plan for something better.

I focus on strength, resiliency, coping skills, anxiety reduction, and problem solving. I tailor tools and interventions to meet your needs and your personality.  I believe that we all have it within us to handle our unique circumstances. I am supportive, empathetic, have a warm sense of humor and create an environment where you will feel accepted, comfortable, and able to discuss hard things. Seeking help can be hard, but small changes make big differences. The day where everything is different doesn’t just show up magically out of the blue. It starts with small steps, reaching out, with being a tiny bit brave.  I would love to work beside you as you learn to feel in control of your life again, and find ways to enjoy your life and the people in it.

My path to The Healing Group is a winding one with many life roles and transitions. Along the way, I have discovered a passion for helping women and their families handle life. I grew up around the world as a military brat and am comfortable with diverse cultures, beliefs and life styles.  I have been every possible variation of working and SAHM mom. I have many years of experience working with those who are finding life hard to navigate. I have worked in a hospital setting, helping those dealing with chronic medical conditions, and as an ER crisis worker helping individuals and families cope with trauma and crisis. All these experiences have given me to skills and empathy to help you.

You suspect that life can be better. You’re right. It can. Together, let’s figure it out.  


  • Brigham Young University: Bachelors in Psychology

  • University of Utah:

  • Masters in Social Work

  • State of Utah Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Postpartum Support International Perinatal Mental Health Certificate

  • Trained Facilitator of Stanford’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Program


Understanding Maternal Mental Health- FB and IG Live Presentations for the baby cubby.

Myths of Motherhood- FB and IG Live Presentations for the baby cubby

Maternal Mental Health Treatment in the Emergency Room- CEU Presentation for Intermountain Healthcare- Utah Valley Hospital

The Teen Years and The Teen Years- Parent Support Group- Founder. Facebook groups for support, education and advocacy for parents and those who care about teenagers.


Member of Utah Maternal Mental Health Collaborative

Board of Directors- Food and Care Collation


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